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Core Yoga (all levels)

According to Martial Arts, "If you have a strong chi, you will never be defeated." Chi is vital life force, and it's center originates behind the belly button. Strengthening the core and abs has many health benefits such as: creating good posture/alignment, bringing grace/balance, reducing back pain, increasing self-esteem/self-worth, building self-confidence/courage, massaging and de-stressing the adrenal glands, and improving mood. Expect lots of core work.

Beginning Yoga


Appropriate for any body, you are welcome whether you are new to yoga, are recovering from an injury (with your Doctor's or PT"s permission), have practiced a little, or practiced a lot. You will learn proper alignment to keep your particular body safe in the yoga poses and will leave class feeling calm and clear.

Intermediate Yoga
This intermediate practice has more flowing movements and dives deeper into yogic philosophy than a beginner class. You'll concentrate on breathing (pranayama) and practice meditation. 

Class Descriptions


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