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Reviews of Jessica Johnson

Great with adaptations.

Jessica is a delight to spend time with! She is especially gifted with creating modifications for people with different bodies, injuries etc. 

- Tracy L.

Wonderful teacher!

Jessica's teaching is varied and always very helpful; she always asks class members what they need. At 71, I am the oldest person in the class, but I never feel as if I am left behind, and Jessica suggests a variation for me if it's needed. She is always a real pleasure to work with. 

- Billie F.


Makes me feel comfortable.

Jessica has a very calm and careful way in which she teaches. She makes me feel at ease in pursuing my own practice at the level I want to pursue. She provides opportunities to challenge yourself, if you want, and always asks at the beginning of the lesson if there are areas of the body we want to focus on. I highly recommend Jessica!! 

- Eric S.

Jessica keeps me honest and keeps me smiling.

I've taken a couple dozen classes with Jessica over the course of two years. She's one of my very favorite instructors to recommend to a beginner because of her patient, gentle demeanor. I've been delighted a number of times in her classes when I thought I was doing something pretty well, only to receive a tiny adjustment from Jessica which instantly changed my perspective. She's got a great ability to tell the difference between students' inflexibility and their misunderstanding. I always leave Jessica's classes full of gladness, peace, and satisfaction. 

- Peter Z.

A+ professional.

I have attended Jessica's yoga class for several years. She challenges you, yet doesn't push you into trying things that aren't comfortable for you. She helps when you show signs of struggle with a particular position, but doesn't overwhelm, or make you feel self conscious. I learn something new each class period whether it be new poses or new theories that she has learned from other instructors. No two classes are ever the same. Jessica has a very calming energy about her. By the end of every class, I feel fully stretched, and relaxed. So much so, that I often fall asleep during savasana. 

- Kerri B.

Jessica's Fabulous!

Jessica is a highly trained yoga teacher with a winning and very friendly personality, and we are lucky to have her in Southwest Michigan!

- Lara O.

Great Yoga Teacher.

Jessica is one of the best! She is very knowledgeable, super helpful, and always has a positive attitude. I have learned so much from having her as a teacher.  - Bonnie G.

Great teacher.

Jessica is a great teacher. She is hands on when needed, she is focused on safety and will teach each person individually how to modify for personal safety and success. She is willing to get into the pose to show the proper movements and is focused on each student getting what they need. She is easy to talk to and welcoming to all.
I have been taking her classes for over 3 years and I wish my scheduled allowed time for a daily class with her. 

- Veronica S.

Jessica is a bright light full of knowledge both anatomical and spiritual. 

- Elesha S.

Beautiful, caring spirit and an experienced teacher.

Jessica is a lovely human being with a gentle, sensitive sense of humor and a delightful laugh. Her body awareness and ability to work with different bodies is excellent. She is caring, supportive, and incredibly patient. Highest marks! 

- Elizabeth T.

Inviting, and welcoming.

pays attention to students rather than herself; respectful, soft voiced, friendly, and consistent.
Rarely misses the class. excellent instructor! 

- Renata S.

Radiance Blooms.

Jessica has a way of radiating peace, calmness and balance. Her energy that emanates is contagious and I always look forward to spending time with her. Jessica is very patient and intuitive and is an excellent yoga instructor. 

- Mike S.

Thank you Jessica!

Wish I could attend more often! 

- Deb C.

Great teacher!

Jessica taught a special yoga class at our Tae Kwon Do academy. She was great! I loved learning about a variety of different positions, and she explained so clearly how to get the most out of the movements. And afterwards, I felt amazing! Jessica definitely knows what she is doing and her teaching style is peaceful and accessible. I highly recommend her. 

- Bernadette K.

Jessica is terrific!

I have been a student of Jessica's for a few years now and she just keeps getting better and better! Her classes are thoughtful, she always gets feedback from the class so she knows where we're at, and she has a very educational approach. I always learn something new from her. She has a great spirit and a wonderful ability to provide a great class for all levels. Love her! 

- Dana J.

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